Case Management Call

A case management call with the legal member and both parties will normally be fixed for shortly after the end of the case statement period to discuss how the hearing will proceed, confirm what witnesses are to be called and to agree a running order.

It is also an opportunity for parties to clarify any preliminary issues prior to the hearing.  Parties should consider if they intend to call witnesses; parties or their representatives are expected to ensure that they have checked the availability of all witnesses, in advance of the conference call, and are able to present possible hearing dates to the convener during the conference call. 

Unless there is a good reason not to do so, the legal member will normally fix the hearing date during the call.  Once fixed, the hearing date will only be changed in exceptional circumstances.

The President has issued Guidance to Tribunal Members No 06/2018 to clarify the purpose of the pre-hearing case management call and the procedures to be employed by the legal member.

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