I’ve made a reference or claim myself

If you have made a reference or a claim yourself, you or your representative, will be given all of the papers that the tribunal has, you have a right to attend the hearing, to present your case and to ask questions of any witnesses. 

You can have a representative. This can be a lawyer or some other person who you want to represent you, for example a trusted adult.  Where you have a representative, they will usually ask questions on your behalf. They will explain your views to the tribunal – but you can also speak to the tribunal yourself at the hearing.


My parent has made a reference or claim about me

Even if you have not made the reference or claim yourself the tribunal will always want to hear your views.


My school’s duty to hear my views

The education authority or responsible body that your school belongs to must consider your views and give the tribunal information on what it has done to ask you for your views.

The Tribunal will always want to hear your views, if you want to share them.

My voice

If you would like to talk to the tribunal yourself, the legal member will make sure you are as comfortable as possible. For example, the legal member can ask some of the adults to leave the hearing room, so that there are less people there.

If you need to use a communication aid or if you need help from someone to communicate, this is not a problem.

There are lots of different ways a tribunal can hear your views. 

For example, you could:

  • Give your views at the hearing by answering questions
  • Give your views to one person, without others being present
  • Ask your independent advocate to share your views
  • Use an interpreter, technology or any other communication aid
  • Write a letter, make a CD or a video or send a drawing

There is a guidance note on this (Guidance to Tribunal Members No 1/2018: The views of the child)



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