Additional Support Needs Jurisdiction Tribunal Members

Members of the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Health and Education Chamber

Legal Members

• Mrs May Dunsmuir (President)
• Mr Derek Auchie
• Ms Lesley Dowdalls
• Miss Collette Gallagher
• Mrs Deirdre Hanlon
• Mr Peter Hessett
• Mr Russell Hunter
• Dr Vinit Khurana
• Mr Julius Komorowski
• Ms Frances Konopka
• Mrs Donna Morgan
• Ms Muriel Robison
• Mrs Susanne Tanner
• Sheriff Mark Thorley

Ordinary Members

• Dr Sally Anderson
• Mrs Anne Campbell
• Ms Polly Cowan
• Ms Hope Craig
• Dr Helen Dawson
• Mr James Hawthorn
• Mrs Maureen Howie
• Dr Jane Laverick
• Mrs Hazel McKellar
• Ms Gillian McKelvie
• Mrs Helen Miller
• Mr Ian Morrison
• Dr Lio Moscardini
• Ms Elizabeth Munro
• Mrs Christine Pacitti
• Dr Pradeep Pasupuleti
• Mrs Barbara Peardon
• Mrs Lesley Sargent
• Dr Irene Stevens
• Mrs Ann Marie Whiteside


Needs to Learn

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If you're 12 to 15, have additional support needs and want to make a change to your school education, then yes you are.